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CHICAGO -- The mutual fund world's Woodstock kicks off Tuesday, giving us a chance to hear from tenured fund managers who've weathered the past year's storm and others who are bailing water.

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Each year, fund managers with records either infamous or famous -- or both -- gather to rub elbows and talk stocks in front of financial advisers, competitors and reporters at the

Morningstar Investment Conference

. This year's menu is a broader list than in years past, now that bond and value offerings are leading growth and tech funds, which have been whacked by the

Nasdaq's loss of more than 50% in the past 12 months.

In the next few days, we'll hear from value veterans such as Bill Miller of

(LMVTX) - Get ClearBridge Value C Report

Legg Mason Value Trust, Stephen DuFour of

(FEQTX) - Get Fidelity Equity Dividend Income Report

Fidelity Equity-Income II, David Dreman of

(KDHAX) - Get DWS CROCI Equity Dividend A Report

Scudder Dreman High Return Equity and Michael Sandler of the

(CFIMX) - Get Clipper Fund Report

Clipper fund, who shared last year's Morningstar Manager of the Year award.

On the growth side, Foster Friess of the

TheStreet Recommends

(BRWIX) - Get AMG Boston Common Global Impact I Report

Brandywine fund and Steve Kirson of the profoundly battered


Putnam OTC Emerging Growth fund will chat about tech's role in a growth portfolio now that the mercurial sector has led so many growth funds south.

Other bruised growth-fund managers such as Garrett Van Wagoner of


Van Wagoner Emerging Growth, Jim Oelschlager of

(WOGSX) - Get White Oak Select Growth Fund Report

White Oak Growth Stock and Bob Turner of


Vanguard Growth Equity will share their thoughts on the tech sector and growth investing as well.

Susan Byrne of

(WESWX) - Get TETON Westwood Equity Fund AAA Report

Gabelli Westwood Equity will tell us how she looks for turnaround candidates in this tough market and highlight some companies that might be comeback kids.

Bond gurus such as Bill Gross of

(PTTAX) - Get PIMCO Total Return A Report

Pimco Total Return, Dan Fuss of

(LSBDX) - Get Loomis Sayles Bond I Report

Loomis Sayles Bond and Robert Rodriguez of

(FPNIX) - Get FPA New Income Fund Report

FPA New Income will talk about what they see in the bond market.

Also, Robert Lovelace of

(AEPGX) - Get American Funds EuroPacific Gr A Report

American Funds EuroPacific Growth and Mark Yockey of

(ARTIX) - Get Artisan International Fund Inv Report

Artisan International will chat about where they see opportunities and risks in overseas investing.

Finally, we'll also hear from the folks at






, who will discuss exchange-traded funds, index funds and other low-cost ways to invest in stocks.

There you have it, something for everyone. We'll keep you posted.

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