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A thousand-dollar pizza, and my TV's bigger than yours.

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Why trash the shows when you can trash the whole set?

Best Buy

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dumping all its analog TVs

to go all-digital. But will it carry this $70,000,

103-inch behemoth

from Panasonic?

Such conspicuous consumption would not sit well with

Hugo Chavez

, who is shunning Hummers and proclaiming the need for morality. He's raising taxes on alcohol and cigarettes -- apparently, Venezuelans are living a bit too much of the Good Life.

Pacific Ethanol

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take notice: A Syracuse, N.Y., scientist was recently awarded a grant to study

ethanol production from cheese waste

. The unused whey hails from a nearby

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cream-cheese factory. See, Hugo? Phillip Morris does care.

It's not too early to start planning your Halloween costume -- or just to take care of that pesky bald spot while reminiscing about your 20s. Regardless, this

Mohawk toupee

will have you covered.

Even when you're not in Rome, it's always wise to do as the Romans do: Make this

porcini mushroom fettuccine

for dinner tonight.

Or, if you'd rather not deal with the dishes -- and you have $1,000 to spare -- order up New York City restaurant Nino's

pizza with caviar

. And unless you want to get chased out, don't forget the $200 tip.

For a real escape, book a room at the opulent 250-year-old

Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur, India

. A hideaway in this sprawling island palace of marble can be yours starting at just $400 a night.

I never had the patience to do it two decades ago -- and now I don't have to. This robot can

solve Rubik's cube

for you.