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Find out where gold comes from, and how to wrap yourself in bacon.
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New York Neapolitan vs. Chicago deep dish, New Haven-style vs. Trenton tomato pies: which region of the U.S. has the best pizza?

Could you be sued for trademark infringement when producing your own T-shirts, mugs and the like from CafePress? Check out this recent story about the

Black Mustang Club

, and


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response to the club's annual calendar.

That gold ring on your finger has quite the multibillion-year history: Where did all that precious metal


, anyway?

If you're doing the

New York Times

crossword puzzle this morning,

don't click this link

-- unless you've given up after five minutes, like I do.

Fashion is not just a shallow pursuit: This breakdown of

2008 trends

shows how it's indicative of market-moving consumer attitudes. In increasingly uncertain times, people are turning to more subtle luxury and whisper brands, and away from clearly labeled picks like a lot of merchandise from


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Speaking of looking good, it's guaranteed with this

bacon scarf

($38). It will keep you toasty warm as well as the toast of any party you strut into.

Step aside, fondue. This

roasted feta

is even easier to make -- and you have the excuse of trying out new bubbling, cheesy recipes for your upcoming Super Bowl party.

What happens when you don't have too much in the way of brand protection?


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fires up the barbeque


What does Groundhog Day have to do with

global warming

? Punxsutawney Phil may have the answer.