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Check out these gifts for everyone on your list, including poker chips for the Jedi.
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For the man or woman who has everything, now he or she can

control everything


I just learned how to play poker this weekend, somehow without this

Star Wars chips set


Forget about the iPod, check out the



There's still time: Here are some

unique handmade gifts

, unexpected finds

for aspiring chefs

and a new take on

all that glitters


Caught in winter's icy grip? Try artist Pinar Yolacan's wearable take on



Or if you don't mind the cold, check out Sweden's

ice hotel



best latkes

-- potato pancakes -- can be yours with this foolproof guide; or head to the store for a surprising

Hanukkah treat


The world's largest

spitting cobra

has been discovered in Kenya, clocking in at just under nine feet long and containing enough venom to kill 20 people in a single bite. And you thought hanging out with hedge fund managers was toxic.


3.3 pound truffle

was auctioned off for $330,000 last week. The white Italian

delicacy was won by Macau casino king Stanley Ho. Stan, I'm free for dinner any night this week.