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What's wrong with the iPhone, and how bionic legs can finally be yours.
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iPhone should not have been named

invention of the year



, according to, which also sees a parallel between it and the editorial team at the magazine: "bloated, techno-hipsters that didn't actually work so well."

Ladies, put down your Pradas: here's the

most prestigious handbag brand

, courtesy of the 2007 Luxury Brand Status Index survey from the New York-based Luxury Institute.

Want to jump over buildings or run 60 miles per hour? Bionics are now a

real possibility

. I know I've always wanted a pair of anthropomorphic legs.

It's never too early to start the holiday shopping. Instead of mass-produced picks from


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or the


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, though, check out the online offerings from Brooklyn shop Cog and Pearl -- the

unique gifts

, like delicate floral earrings ($124) to embroidered silk neckties ($76), will delight anyone on your list. weighs on how to make the best

rum and Coke

, and what this basic cocktail can tell you about your local bar.

While one of the

most expensive Thanksgiving meals

is all booked up already -- over $800 per person for the chef's table at Manhattan's Cafe Grey -- you can still make your reservations for 2008.

At $8,500 a night, I'd check out L.A.'s

priciest hotel room

, as long as

pays. Getting there on the world's

fastest private jet

would be the only way to go.

Yes, apple pie will always reign supreme on the Thanksgiving dessert table, but here's an old-fashioned

tapioca pudding

that can give your feast a retro, homey finale. Or just bake up this fragrant

garlic bread

. Is there a human alive who doesn't like it?