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What to do with that leftover pumpkin? Check out this

Autumn Millet Bake

recipe from

NY Times

know-it-all Marc Bittman's new cookbook.

And yes, Halloween is over. But in case you want to start planning for next year, look to this sizzling, larger-than-life

bacon costume


Feel this town just isn't big enough for the two of you? Then put a bid in for

Albert, Texas

, which is now up for sale on


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for $2.5 million. Just think, you can proclaim yourself mayor.

The Eagles are looking exclusively to

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to sell their

new album

Long Road Out of Eden

. "We had doubts," member Don Henley says. "I've never been a fan of big-box retailers ...

but there's not a big corporation in this country that has clean hands, and certainly the major labels don't ... We got flak for it, but everyone's screaming for a new paradigm, so we found one."

For digital distribution, the group's also going with


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iTunes. Amazon may qualify as a new paradigm, but that seems a stretch for Wal-Mart.

The perennially popular British group Radiohead, who instituted a

voluntary payment system

for their latest album

In Rainbows

, may have a more innovative take on distribution, however -- and you can get it for free.

Maybe the both these bands should be selling something other than their music: a lock of

John Lennon's hair

is set to be auctioned by Gorringes in December, at an estimated price of $4,000 to $6,000.

How can you possibly live without it? This

most expensive corkscrew

from Sveid is crafted out of gold and titanium and will set you back about $71,000. But will you have enough money left over for anything other than box wine?

What's your

best childhood memory

? According to, drawing on car windows through the condensation is the top pick, closely followed by playing with Legos. Apparently, this was one bunch of antisocial children -- check out how many people ranked minifigs on the list. (Clearly, they haven't seen these

Donald Trump and Steve Irwin