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Your laptop vs. your wife, and Paris Hilton on ice (please).

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Let's settle this once and for all:

What's better






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Hummers are so 2006. Take this six-door


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Prius limo

out for a spin, and you can impress your friends -- and allegedly get 50 mpg -- at the same time.

Paris Hilton said last week that

she wants to be cryogenically frozen

. Yes, and her little dogs, too. "It's so cool," Hilton explains. Maybe she should be driving that Prius until then -- as points out, her plan is rather energy-intensive.

It's about time I can buy some

eco-friendly clothes



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. Maybe Paris can diminish her carbon footprint with a fetching little organic-cotton ensemble?

A survey earlier this year reports that 64% of Americans spend more time

with their computer than with their spouse

. I certainly know people who'd chose this

gorgeous machine

over their significant other. Just think, you can always tell it what to do.

If you're frugal,

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is often the place to go. But here are the

most expensive items

on the site. How about this a life-size grim reaper on a skeleton horse ($3,000) for the kids?

OK, so you probably won't be able to give it away to neighborhood ghouls, but when you can

make your own candy corn

, who cares?

Or, get all nostalgic by checking out these

roller-skating events

on Halloween, happening from Philadelphia to Paris.

Those with more adult tastes might prefer to explore that most sophisticated fall fruit, the fig. Try this jewel-toned

fig ice cream

recipe or a luscious take on that childhood treat (or trick), the

fig newton