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. Blumsday takes a look at this holiday season's

top toys

, and points out why tech will win out over Barbie.

No matter what your age, it's not too early to draw up your own holiday gift list. Although you may end up having to cough up the $1.4 million yourself for this

personal submarine

from Neiman Marcus, it will be worth it to be able to shout "ahoy polloi!" when you resurface.

If you're still recovering from your last bout of the bends, perhaps

one of these

should be on your list instead.

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But try not to drink and fly, particularly if you just paid for the

most expensive bottle of wine

ever auctioned -- a 1961 Bordeaux.

You can stop whining about how hungry you are. The

baby-food diet

is back -- and it's not just for the dangerously famous (and skinny) like Hedi Slimane, as this desperate and cheap

food forager


Personally, I haven't touched the stuff since I was two. This seems like the only sensible use for baby food in an adult's world: Get rid of the food and

save the container


It's high time to think outside the



box, and toss some Brie into that

mac and cheese

. Be sure to enjoy it in front of those baby-food dieters.

Forget the iPod and BlackBerry. I want my

Seiko UC-2000 wrist computer

. Who needs more than four lines of text, really?