Foodborne diseases are estimated to cause approximately 9.4 million illnesses each year in the U.S., and salmonella is one of the big culprits.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analyzed 5,760 foodborne-disease outbreaks from 2009-2015, outbreaks that resulted in 145 deaths and 5,699 hospitalizations.

Among 1,281 outbreaks in which the food reported could be classified into a single food category, fish were the most commonly implicated category (222 outbreaks --17%), followed by dairy (11%) and chicken (10%).

Where location could be identified, most food-borne illnesses were attributed to restaurants (33,465 illnesses-- 43%,) followed by catering facilities (24%) and private homes (10%).

According to the CDC's report, these are the foods most commonly associated with illnesses and outbreaks. Keep reading through the list for some facts about salmonella and tips to stay safe.