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The nice thing about screens of mutual funds is, they hold up pretty well.

No matter how you slice it, the stock market these days has been churning through treacherous waters, leaving investors in desperate need of some safe ports. Over the past few months, our Saturday Big Screens have sifted through the mountain of mutual funds, extracting select lists of top-shelf offerings that might be worth your hard-earned green. Since the three-day weekend -- in the markets if not at all of our workplaces -- offers an opportunity for extra reading, we thought it was high time to revive the best of the Big Screen bunch.

If you're looking for some stellar opportunities in this market, or are ready to cautiously put some money back into funds, scroll down and click away.

Saturday Screen Gems

Junk Bonds That Are Much Less Mean Than a Junkyard Dog

Consistent Outperformers in Big-Cap Growth and Big-Cap Value Funds

Tech Funds on the Cheap

Boring Balanced Funds

Foreign Funds for Battered Investors With Wanderlust

Bill Miller's Streak May Survive, But Other S&P Beaters May Not

Searching for Tech 'Growth/Value' Plays

10 Core Funds You Can Trust

Health Care's Been the Big Winner, But Can You Assume the Risk?

What Invesco Knows: It Likes Financials and Some Phone Stocks

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