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They may look like Disney attractions or a film sets from Game of Thrones, but these are the real thing, hundreds of years old, built on rock and towering over small villages.

They are the places of kings and queens, round tables of knights, prison towers, torture rooms, hideaways of princes, the dreams of rich men. They are fortifications, grand palaces and walled complexes that evoke images of everything from Dracula and Nostradamus to Camelot and Romeo and Juliet.

If you are drawn to the beauty, history and mystery of castles, we've compiled a list of the best places to see them around the world, based on information from travel sites including European Best Destinations and

Beware of women offering poison apples and frogs posing as princes -- it's time to polish your armor and hone your sword, get out your garlic and wooden stake. Here are the best places to see castles.

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Corvin Castle, Romania/Photo: Shutterstock