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NEW YORK (MainStreet) -- In 2012, the Financial Times published a piece on how luxury brands are hesitant to sell their fashionable goods on Amazon. Since then, however, more and more luxury -- and ultra-expensive items -- have been sold by the e-commerce giant.

Today, online shoppers may be surprised to find product categories they never once thought would be available on Amazon. Wines, fine art, collectibles and thousand-dollar luxury watches can now be delivered straight to your door. And yes, for the price of the items, shipping is often free of charge. Insurance? That's another story.

Whether you're in the market for a new watch or just window shopping, here are the 10 most expensive men's luxury watches we found on Amazon. We included some comments from outraged "reviewers."

10. Zenith Defy Classic Sea Tourbillon

Price on Amazon:
Customer Review: "After selling my Enzo Ferrari, I thought I need an exquisite time piece to show everyone that I was the real deal."

9. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ice Blue Dial Platinum

Price on Amazon: $59,900.00
Customer Review: "Beautiful watch at a great price. I constantly get compliments from my supervisor and coworkers at McDonald's."

8. IWC Men's IW524205 Portuguese Minute Repeater Gold Watch

Price on Amazon: $61,995.00
Customer Review: "I can't believe how many people complain that this is overpriced! How can you compare the pure beauty of this to some small problems like money?"

7. Cartier 18k Rose Gold & Diamond Tank Anglaise

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Price on Amazon: $69,995.00
Customer Review: "Great design. Also, it's an excellent investment, protecting me against seizure of bank funds, economic collapse, and inflation."

6. Gerald Genta Arena Tourbillon Men's Automatic Watch

Price on Amazon: $81,680.00
Customer Review: "This watch doesn't actually tell time, it just reminds you how rich you are when you look at it."

5. Ulysse Nardin Hour Striker
Price on Amazon:
Customer Review: "My girlfriend gave this to me as a present. When I found the receipt and saw that she paid $6.99 for shipping, I blew my lid."

4. Leroy Men's Watch Osmior 18K White Gold Retrograde Perpetual Calendar

Price on Amazon: $85,320.00
Customer Review: "I may not have a home, I may not have a car, but at least I have the best watch available on Amazon."

3. Zenith Defy Xtreme Open El Primero Tourbillon

Price on Amazon: $89,800.00
Customer Review: "I couldn't pass up this wonderful deal Amazon had so I decided to sell my wife and kids in order to make the purchase."

2. Patek Philippe Grand Complication Men's Platinium - 5496P-001

Price on Amazon: $96,840.00
Customer Review: "This watch isn't simply a watch. It is a priceless heirloom, meticulously crafted by Patek Phillipe and his assistant, Jesus Christ."

1. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tourbillon

Price on Amazon: $122,900.00
Customer Review: "I thought it was a bit overpriced but my lawyer said it's okay because I can use it for my bailout."

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