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        You might have plans to spend the up to $1,200 stimulus check you think should be coming to you from the federal government.

        There's just one small problem: You think you should have gotten a check already and you haven’t!

        Wondering where your slice of this year's $168 billion stimulus package is? Are you even eligible for a stimulus check in the first place?

        First of all, did you file a 2007 tax return?


        Second, your salary must not be too robust. There is a “phase-out” for high-income earners. The maximum adjusted gross income amount is $75,000 for single filers and $150,000 for married couples. (Anyone who earns higher than these incomes will get a decreased amount, receiving less and less money depending on the household’s level of income.)


        OK! You filed your taxes and your salary is in the right range. Where’s your money? MainStreet asks you to then consider the following reasons why your check has not arrived:

        REASON #1: You owe child support or back payment on student loans or back taxes.
        Two billion dollars of the stimulus will be intercepted to pay off debts. Most startling is USA Today’s report that more than half of the intercepted money is going to back payments of child support. But, don’t fret about getting your check diverted if you’re only one month late on a student loan. Morris Armstrong, a financial planner and enrolled agent who is authorized to represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service, says the people who will get their checks intercepted will have been previously warned by a collection agency and likely won’t be surprised.

        REASON #2: Someone else has their greedy little paws on it.
        Well, maybe it wasn’t their greedy paws – it was just their lucky paws. In May, the IRS acknowledged that about 1,500 stimulus checks were direct deposited into the wrong accounts. The agency then had to backtrack case-by-case and get the money to the right person. If you think your check has been sent to the wrong person, you can get in touch with the IRS. (The IRS’ Refund Hotline also has an automated self-service “Where’s My Refund?” feature: 800-829-1954.)

        REASON #3: You filed your income taxes late.
        The aforementioned payment schedule is only for those who filed in a timely fashion. Anyone who filed for an extension after the April 15 deadline will have to wait longer, says Armstrong.

        REASON #4: You are not patient enough.
        The IRS based the payment schedule on the last two digits of the filer’s Social Security number. The first checks began rolling out April 28 and are being mailed through July 11 on a staggered basis, starting with those whose Social Security numbers begin with 00-09.

        MainStreet knows you’re itching for your check. Join our comment crew and let us know your plans for how to spend it , save it or donate it to charity.