Wedding season is starting and for many couples, it’s the biggest, and most expensive, event they’ve ever planned. As overwhelming as wedding planning can be, keep in mind that with some thoughtful planning you can have a day you treasure forever and not break your budget.

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Nail Your Budget

It starts with the numbers. Sit down and chat about what your budget is for the big day. Are you paying for everything yourself or will you have help?

Tools like Mint allow you to keep tabs on your expenses so you’re not stressing over money. (You have enough to deal with!). Once the two of you know what you have to spend, you can then allocate it the way you want.

Decide on the Must Haves

Each couple is different and your wedding is a reflection of that. Let your uniqueness shine and choose what big features matter most to you and which ones you can wisely cut back on or leave out.

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Make Savings a Habit

While things can get chaotic as you’re planning your big day, it’s still possible to stash some cash away so the two of you can start your marriage off with a financial bang. If you haven’t already, start transferring some money each paycheck into savings. It’s a great habit that will help the two of you reach your dreams faster without relying on debt.

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Ways to Save on the Big Day

I know how overwhelming it can be planning a wedding, so here are five additional ways you can slash your wedding budget without sacrificing style or fun.

  • Choose an outdoor venue. We had friends and loved ones get married at the park or on the beach and their weddings were beautiful. Not only did they save big and get some beautiful photos, they didn’t have to decorate as much with stunning natural backdrops.
  • Keep the ceremony and reception together. Depending on your wedding, having the same venue will help save you money.
  • Skip a Saturday wedding. If most of your guests are in town, a Friday night wedding can give you the venue you want at a fraction of the price. If you have people flying in, then a Sunday afternoon wedding can allow them to be there with you on your special day.
  • Personalize your wedding with some DIY projects. One of my best friends is all about style, so when she went ahead with the reception planning, she decided that creating her own centerpieces was the way to go. She got the glitter and glam without going broke.
  • Accept help from your loved ones. If you have talented friends like a photographer or baker who want to contribute towards the wedding (and you think can handle it), go for it! Extra hands can make the load light. You can then use your money towards other features of your wedding.

Thoughts on Wedding Planning

How many of you are planning your big day? What are the most important features that matter to you? For those who already had your wedding, what tips, ideas, and stories do you want to share?