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Happy Tax Freedom Day!

By today, you've probably earned enough this year to pay off your tax bill.
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Happy Tax Freedom Day! No, it's not a company holiday that gives us a day away from the office. The semi-holiday signifies that enough days have passed in the current year for most Americans to have paid their annual tax bill. We are 103 days into 2009, and according to the Tax Foundation, workers technically pocket every penny of our paychecks from now until the end of the year.

Tax Freedom Day does not always fall on April 13. In fact, that's the earliest since 1967. And it's never the same for every state. Alaska's low average income and low tax burden allowed the state to celebrate Tax Freedom Day on March 23, and the day has come and gone for Louisiana, Mississippi, South Dakota, and West Virginia, too. On the other hand, Connecticut won't celebrate until April 30 due to its reportedly sky-high federal income tax bills. New Jersey, New York, California and Maryland have their Freedom Days earlier than Connecticut but fall into the five latest states to celebrate.

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