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What to Do If You Haven't Filed Your Taxes Yet: Watch Our Free Webinar

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With the deadline to file 2018 taxes quickly approaching, you certainly should have at least looked at your taxes by now.

But even if you haven't, or need a little help before you hit submit, it's not too late to ensure you protect your hard-earned money.

That's where Tracy Brynes and CPA and TurboTax tax expert Lisa Greene-Lewis come in.

Due to the changes in the way tax deductions are structured under the new tax laws, TurboTax estimates that about 90% of taxpayers will now claim the standard deduction instead of itemizing.

Last tax season about 70% of taxpayers claimed the standard deduction and about 30% itemized their deductions.

Although more taxpayers will now claim the standard deduction there could be some tax deductions and credits you don't want to miss.

Before you jump the gun and take the standard deduction, do your homework. 

And before you leave, have you gotten a grasp on what tax reform means for your return? Last time, we had Byrnes and Greene-Lewis in the house, they broke down the tax changes you need to know. Catch that webinar here

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