The summer solstice has finally arrived for us folks in the colder climes. And being a native Southerner, I can't celebrate fast enough or long enough.

I'm kicking off the season by slashing some of our subscription rates in a one-time summer delirium sale. From now until June 29, you can receive $50 off

Action Alerts PLUS

, $100 off


, $50 off

Insider Insights

and $100 off

Nails on the Numbers

, our newest service, featuring former baseball great Lenny Dykstra and his not-to-be-missed deep-in-the-money calls. (If you were in our office, I'd even throw in a mint julep. Did I tell you that I make a mean mint julep?)

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It's super easy to take advantage of these savings. Just click on the service of your choice above, and we'll get you all set up. You can also

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This summer delirium won't last long. June 30 will be here before you know it, and then we'll be heading into the fall and football season. (Go Michigan Wolverines!) But until that happens, these savings are yours -- so hurry, or this summer sale will be just a memory!


Dave Morrow


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