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5 Sustainability Buzzwords You Should Know In 2022

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The language around sustainability is evolving quickly, and it can be hard for small businesses (and the rest of us) to keep up. 

There are a few key terms you should know.

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5 Sustainability Buzzwords 

  1. Biodegradable. Biodegradable materials, like food waste and paper, are broken down naturally, in a way that is not harmful to the earth.
  2. Compostable. Compostable material is similar to biodegradable material, but compostable material breaks down to create more nutrient-rich soil.
  3. Energy Efficient. Energy efficiency implies that the product uses less energy to provide power relative to similar products.
  4. Renewable Energy. Renewable energy comes from naturally replenishing sources, like the sun. Solar power, wind power, and hydroelectric power are examples of renewable or “green” energy.
  5. Sustainable. Sustainability is the idea that a process will maintain ecological balance without depleting natural resources. It’s the understanding that our resources are finite.

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Sustainability is quickly becoming the standard for small businesses. Use these buzzwords, and remember, green is more than just a color. It’s a commitment.

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