U.S. workers are feeling more stability in the workplace, according to a survey conducted by Adecco Group North America, a division of global staffing and recruitment agency The Adecco Group.

Of all workers surveyed, 78% said that they are unconcerned about their job security if they vacation this summer. Only 37% of those surveyed said they plan to stay in communication with their offices via phone or e-mail while they are away and 24% said they plan on telecommuting to work during the summer.  

"As Summer 2010 kicks off and the economy continues to show renewed promise of recovery, employees are looking to enjoy the upcoming summer season without the worry and fear of losing their job," Rich Thompson, Vice President of Learning and Performance at Adecco Group North America, said in a press release. "This likely indicates employees feeling a renewed confidence in the economy and increased feelings of job security in the workplace are returning.”

The American Workplace Insights Survey was conducted by Harris Interactive for Adecco online within the U.S. in early June. The company surveyed 1,020 full-time or part-time employees.

However, while employees may feel comfortable taking some time off, it is certainly not because employers are promoting it. Of those surveyed, 58% said they did not believe their employers were offering summer or flexible hour arrangements this year and 52% said they were not expecting summer benefits such as happy hours, picnics and casual work days.

“Employers preparing for summer months may want to consider offering or reinstituting summer perks, where possible, which could potentially boost employee morale and help aid employee retention,” Thompson said. “We've mentioned before that as the job market improves, we'll likely be seeing a shift in workplace moves and now is the time for employers to focus on building positive experiences for employees."
An earlier Adecco survey indicated that workers of all ages were starting to look for new job opportunities. The survey reports 51% of Generation-Y workers, 31% of Generation-X workers, 29% of Baby Boomers and 22% of workers 61 and over said they have interviewed or plan to interview in 2010.

To prevent workers from jumping ship, the staffing agency suggests that employers institute a recognition program, encourage a work/life balance by setting examples and find small ways (such as playing music or breaking up the day with trivia) to make the workplace fun.

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