The outlook for recent college grads is at one of its lowest points. According to a survey of 174 organizations by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, employers plan to hire some 22% fewer grads than they did just one year ago. It’s no surprise that the financial services industry is taking the biggest hit, with a 70% decrease in hiring for this year.

There are also many other sectors that are projecting jarring declines in hiring figures. The construction industry is seeing a 45% drop, professional services a 36% decline, and manufacturing and business services hirings are both down 31%.

But while it seems like most sectors are contracting, there are some that expect to beef up hiring figures for this year. The survey reports that the transportation and utilities industry expects a 69% increase. The government is expecting a moderate increase of about 6%.

In addition, another survey of more than 35,000 students from more than 800 colleges and universities found that less than 20% of this year’s recent grads that have applied for positions have secured the jobs.

But, as daunting as these figures may seem, there are resources that job seekers can turn to. CareerBuilder has formulated a list of the top 25 employers that are hiring recent grads, and CollegeGrad has amassed a list of more than 300 top entry level employers for this year. Plus, MainStreet has been scouring the job world for opportunities. Check out any of the stories below for resources, tips and companies that are hiring now.

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