If you're looking for a winter escape, there's plenty of options, whether you embrace the cold and want to hit the slopes, or you're hankering to be somewhere warm and sunny that doesn't require much more than a t-shirt.

To help you find a quick and affordable winter getaway, personal finance site WalletHub ranked the cheapest U.S. destinations that are also the easiest to reach by analyzing 70 of the largest metro areas, and grouped them into "warm" and "cold."

The report focuses primarily on the cost and convenience of traveling to each location, affordability, and the number of attractions and variety of activities that will keep everyone entertained on the trip.

They scored the cities across six key dimensions: Travel Costs and Hassles, Costs at the Destination, Attractions, Weather, Activities and Safety. Some of the factors measured include costs of hotel rooms, flights to the city, and restaurants, as well as the number of skating rinks, spas, coffee shops, music venues and food festivals, and availability of ski slopes, golf, tennis, shopping centers and amusement parks. The "cold" cities have an average December temperature lower than 46 F, and "warm" cities an average December temperature above 57 F.

Based on WalletHub's report, these are the best cold-weather winter destinations, followed by the best warm-weather winter destinations.