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Editor's note: Be sure to read the first half of Cramer's top 10 list from earlier today.

6. Cendant


: This was a travel and leisure rally, fueled by the peak in oil and a sense that the consumer feels better. All this company has done is buy back stock, pay a good dividend and generate upside surprises, yet it is still very unrecognized. I see minimal downside here.

7. Yahoo!


: It should be at its 52-week high, along with



because it is every bit as good although a little more expensive. It, too, has a nice buyback.

8. Zimmer


: What the heck is this stock doing back here at $77? What a fabulous quarter it had, and the stock is down $5 from that. It is being overly punished for being noncyclical, just like

Phelps Dodge


was being overly punished for being cyclical last week.

9. Intel


: This stock is still too cheap, still cut in half from the top, still capable of preannouncing to the upside now that






says P.C. sales are strong.

10. United Parcel


: This stock is being held down by the



buy. I like that UPS bought it for cash; that told me that UPS management thinks the stock is too cheap to give away here. Must be the makings of an excellent quarter, then.

Mind you, I could have put in






, both of which are still primed to rally, but I have sworn never to recommend airlines on television or radio because while they can be good for three days out of the year, they are bad for the other 362. And I was tempted to include

VF Corp.


, because it is down off of the merger consolidation, but I was put off by Victoria's Secret.. I also might have added

General Electric


, but people would think I was trying to curry favor.

Anyway, that's how I would play it. Recognize that there is lots of pressure for people to perform here because the market may go positive for the year, and that would leave them grasping and chasing. At least with this list, you won't be coming in on the rally quicksand that so often surfaces after three days of upward movement.

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At the time of publication, Cramer was long Cendant, Yahoo! and Intel.

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