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Stock Seismograph: Calculating Volatility

Also, getting started in investing, when to shift your portfolio toward stocks, investment clubs and more.

A compilation of this week's Dear Dagen and Fixed-Income Forum columns.

Where on the Web Is Stock Volatility Calculated?
By Dagen McDowell
Beta, a measure of volatility, is easy to find. More

What I Learned While Getting Started in Investing
By Dagen McDowell
Ten things that helped Dear Dagen make the leap from newbie to savvy. More

At What Age Should I Begin Shifting My Portfolio More Toward Bonds?
By Dagen McDowell
There's a rule of thumb, but you'd be better off answering the hard questions, then doing some calculating. More

Proceed Cautiously When Starting an Investment Club With Friends
By Dagen McDowell
You might start by sharing investing ideas before pooling your cash. More

Practical Uses of Duration and Convexity for Bond Buyers
By Elizabeth Roy
Bond investors should consult their stomach barometers; open-end fund investors, their goals. More

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