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Every weekend I see people who tell me they are being buried alive by the


family. Made me think that Janus has become a cross between John Wayne Gacy and the funny ladies in

Arsenic and Old Lace


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Every weekend for months I have been saying the same thing: You have to cut back from these guys. They seem to have lost their way.

This weekend, with all of the papers and magazine and television shows being so negative, I changed my tune. I told people, "You have to hold here until you get higher prices. We are due for a trading rally and you can get out of Janus at a higher price."

Make no mistake about it, I think that the


and the Januses represent the past, not the future. But right now, with the

Investor's Business Daily

index down 20% and the world betting against the momentum funds, I want to bet with these funds for a week or two, until we get out of this oversold position.

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It is too late to sell these happy-go-lucky bull market maniacs until you get higher prices.

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Who's next for





? Bunch of candidates on your screen right now, including




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