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There are people in the world who can get you to change your mind about things. I have been powerfully negative about



for some time now. But when it comes to thinking about Intel, no one, no one in the world, has a better handle on the


of Intel than

Tom Kurlak


Three times in my life Tom Kurlak has gotten me to change positions on Intel. Three times. No one else ever got me to change my view once! Kurlak is the master of the game. He recognized far more than any other analyst the value of presentation and the value of


. He used his estimate numbers to buttress his case the way no one else did.

Most important, he only changed position when he was early enough and right enough to make a difference. He never changed positions idly. It meant a great deal to him to put a buy on something because he hated being wrong. He despised it. He regarded it as a debasement of his currency.

That's why when I read

his piece on our site this morning about Intel I realized that perhaps I have been too negative on this chip giant. Once again, the magic of Kurlak is back -- in these pages, I am proud to report. And he is changing my mind again about a position that I thought was etched in stone.

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