That's how it is. The negativity indicator was so high yesterday that you could feel

Buzz and Batch

capitulating. This type of behavior always gets punctuated by days like today.

Understand the interaction between

retail sales and the tape today. The problem with the market is that the consumer is spending too much money.

Until the consumer cools, the


will keep tightening. Once the consumer stops spending, the Fed goes on vacation. If the Fed goes on vacation, we will not have a recession. If we do not have a recession, we will continue to have capital spending. If we continue to have capital spending then the earnings of The Stocks Everybody Loves, or TSEL, won't go down. If the earnings don't go down, then we might be able to justify paying higher prices for stocks.

And that's why we are up today.

Random musings:

Maria Bartiromo

, more powerful than ever, just bulled


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using notes from


. Why is this important.? Because there had been some bogus bear story out there all morning that BancAmerica was supposedly going out with. That's been squashed (see first word in this column).

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