On the off chance we catch a rally in the next few days off this rate cut, may I suggest that it is once again time to do some mutual fund spring cleaning?

There are a host of funds still down 40%, and, when they rally, I think you should take something from them and give money to people who are more deserving.

In particular, I would caution against the


Van Kampen Tech fund,

(BFOCX) - Get Report

Berkshire Focus,

Van Wagoner's

family, Firsthand's

(TEFQX) - Get Report

eCommerce and


Communication funds,

(MAFOX) - Get Report

Merrill Lynch's Focus 20 fund,


AIM's Telecom and the

Grand Prix


C and


A funds.

Let's say you really think technology is the place to be, you can swap out of these funds into some better tech funds, catch the move and take the tax loss. Why focus on these funds now? Frankly, I am a huge believer that you should be with professionals who would never put you down 40%. No rich person who I advised would put up with such poor performance and since the goal is to be rich if you are in the market, I think their advice makes sense.

Sure you can stick with the lousy funds. Doesn't matter to me. I don't make money either way. But I care tremendously about the craft of money management.I wish I could say the same about the managers of these funds.

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