If you think, as I do, that technology should be an important part of your portfolio, but not the whole portfolio, then you might want to consider the (GABBX) - Get Report Gabelli Blue Chip Value fund run by Barbara Marcin.

Nobody, least of all Marcin, disputes that technology can make you a huge amount of money at times. Which is why she is currently putting 20% of her fund in tech, because, as she says, "tech is cheap."

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Marcin has a sizable position in



, which she strongly believes will be appreciably higher in the next 12 months. She has also bought some



, which she thinks can go to $15. (She is not a pie-in-the-skyer, trying to hit lots of singles and doubles, which is why she didn't make you decent money last year and is making really good money this year.)

She's also been a buyer of



, which she's been accumulating since it was at the $14 level (she missed the whole Cendant debacle -- something I wish I could say.). And has sizable positions in

American Home Products




(WMB) - Get Report


Marcin doesn't believe that technology is the place to be for massive gains. Those, she says, could be a thing of the past. However, she still sees bargains in technology and is deploying capital into the sector at these levels.

In the past I have praised Howard Ward of Gabelli's shop as a different, more rigorous type of growth investor. Marcin is his value counterpart. As is the case with all of the Gabelli funds, Marcin is smart, dedicated, level-headed and demanding of performance.

You know I have it in for these pure tech funds because they lost you so much money. Marcin's fund is still an alternative that can deliver consistent performance without losing you a lot of sleep.

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