. You wanna make some money and do something good for somebody else at the same time? Then join me at 3 p.m. Wednesday (today!) at the Grand Hyatt Hotel for the

Sixth Annual Tomorrow's Children's Fund Investment Research Conference


Every year some of the nation's best managers get together to give their best picks in order to raise money for the Fund, which benefits children with cancer and their families. When I was running my fund, I always made a point of giving my best stocks, and of taking down and acting on what some of the other managers were saying. I had a huge hit last year piggy-backing off of Mike Price's

General Motors'

call. I see Mike's back on the agenda today, along with Bill Miller, the great manager from

Legg Mason

, Carl Icahn of takeover fame and David Tice, the noted bear who could lay into some of your favorite stocks. David Bonderman from

Texas Pacific

(you might know him as the man who caught the bottom in


) and John Meriwether of

Long Term Capital

infamy will also be speaking.

Something to keep in mind: Last year the affair got good pick-up in the press and many of the highlighted stocks jumped the next day. This year I am highlighting my "All


" team of stocks, notably the oil drillers, the tobaccos, the drugs and a surprise or two. I hope to see you there. It's a good one. You will feel great being there.

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