Yes, that's really the only word for the

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Red Oak mutual fund, part of the

Oak Associates

family -- one of the best places to send your money if you don't have the time or the inclination to manage it yourself.

I can't hide my enthusiasm for these folks, in part because, well, we traffic in the same stocks. Through a quick check of their terrific and easy-to-use Web site ( -- no brain surgery here!) you can find out what they are up to currently. They disclose their entire portfolio, all 23 stocks, with percentages owned.

And what a portfolio it is! If I didn't know any better I would think that

Matt "Fast Growth" Jacobs

is moonlighting there. Hefty positions in








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JDS Uniphase




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let you know up front that these managers are picking the hottest in fiber, optical, switching and telcom. Further down, they have

Applied Materials

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PMC Sierra






Sun Micro

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, all stocks that I think are poised to outperform.

A powerful line-up. This is definitely the most pure-play tech fund I have ever seen. Not a dog in the kennel.

Of course all of the usual caveats apply. The median price-to-earnings ratio for the fund is pure nosebleed at 94 times earnings. The correlation to the jazziest part of the


is, to put it mildly, extreme.

But it is early enough in the life cycle of this fund that it is not too big to maneuver. Size matters. At $1.34 billion, according to the site, Red Oak is like a sleek destroyer winding its way amid giant, stodgy fund battleships.

If you are looking for a new fund for the ultra long-term, and you are not going to get spooked every time the


drops 10% -- and believe me, these guys will be clubbed for more than that in such a selloff -- check Red Oak out. Before it gets too big and the party is spoiled.

James J. Cramer is manager of a hedge fund and co-founder of At time of publication, his fund was long Juniper, Broadcom, Ciena, JDS Uniphase, Cisco, EMC and Sun Microsystems. His fund often buys and sells securities that are the subject of his columns, both before and after the columns are published, and the positions that his fund takes may change at any time. Under no circumstances does the information in this column represent a recommendation to buy or sell stocks. Cramer's writings provide insights into the dynamics of money management and are not a solicitation for transactions. While he cannot provide investment advice or recommendations, he invites you to comment on his column at