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Share a Tune With the i2i Digital Music Broadcaster

Here's how you can share what you're listening to but keep your earphones all to yourself.

LOS ANGELES -- This first gadget, the i2i Digital Music Broadcaster, allows you to broadcast your music to someone wearing the other unit. They come in packs of two and have a range of about 30 feet.

Next, if your Mac

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has a tendency to run too hot, Gadget Grrl has links to downloads that help monitor and solve the problem.

Now more about that i2i.

i2i Digital Music Broadcaster
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Here's how it works. Plug one of the i2i Stream devices into an audio player and then plug your headphones into the opposite end of the device.

Click on the device to one of the seven colors (these are actually different channels). Press "send" and the color will blink until it was linked up with another i2i device.

On the second i2i device, if you want to receive the signal, you just plug in a pair of headphones and press the button on the top of the device. It will blink until it has found the color (channel) that correlates with the first device. Once the two colors match, press "receive" and you can listen to what the first user is listening to.

Why go through all of this?

For starters it eliminates the need to share a set of headphones to hear the latest track your friend or colleagues just downloaded to an MP3 player. And you don't have to be standing right next to them either, range on these is up to 30 feet.

Temp Monitors for MAC

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The sleek, aluminum casing on the 24" Core 2 Duo 2.9GHz was supposed to help with some of the heat issues on the machine. Based on personal experience, the default cooling fans may be set too high.

On a machine in our offices, the machine cooked and the screen, fans and logic board all had to be replaced. A tip to Mac users: There are two free things you might want to run on your Mac so that what happened in our offices doesn't happen to you.


, allows you to reset the minimum speed of the built-in fans' levels on an Intel Mac to make it run cooler.

Our machine was running at around 88C-100C and now it's at 50C-60C under the sameusage conditions.

iStat pro Widget

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In addition to the Smcfan control panel, we also installed the iStat pro widget. With this, you can see at a glance exactly how hot the machines is running. You can also tailor the widget to display all the monitoring services: CPU, memory, disks, network, battery or just pick and choose which ones you want to see when you click on the dashboard.Both of these are highly recommended, especially if you have had heat issues with your Mac machines.

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