Employers are starting to resort to measures other than layoffs to make it through these trying economic times. They can't get rid of all staff if they want to stay in business, but they also can't afford to fulfill their payroll obligations. Working without pay isn't an option so some companies are asking employees to stay home without pay as a cost-saving measure.

The Seattle Times is one of many newspapers struggling to stay afloat, and on Friday it asked 500 managers and nonunion workers to take a week off without pay before the end of February. The news comes after the paper already laid of 500 workers in 2008, and precedes more layoffs to come in 2009.

The very same day, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger called for new payroll policies in the face of increasingly unmanageable budget problems in the state of California. He announced a hiring freeze and payroll cuts, and ordered the 235,000 state employees to take two days off every month without pay as of Feb. 1.

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