What do Tutti Frutti, Kit Kat and Coca-Cola have in common? All three have mastered the secret of finding a great brand name.

A recent study published in the Journal of Marketing has found that one surefire way for companies to attract customers is to have a brand name with repetitive sounds like the three examples above.

Researchers at the University of Alberta discovered this by offering participants products like ice cream and cell phones under two different names, one that was repetitive and one that was not. The majority of those surveyed chose the product with a repetitive brand name.

“In all of the six trials … each invented brand name underwent only minute changes in variations, such as ‘zanozan’ versus ‘zanovum.’ In all cases, such small variations, even as much as a single letter, had a huge impact as to the person's choice and how they responded,” ScienceDaily.com reports.

As the researchers noted in their study, consumers tend to have a positive association with repetitive sounds, so when they hear a company with a name like Kit Kat, it actually “favorably affects consumers’ brand evaluations,” albeit in a kind of subliminal fashion.

So perhaps the best thing that a company like BP can do is change its name back from British Petroleum to BP, which flows off the tongue and may improve its image … at least a little bit.

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