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Parents beware: you may soon be subject to some serious swirlies, wet willies and atomic wedgies. One Georgia school recently announced that it will start coming after parents to get lunch money that is owed by students. Who knows if other schools might get the same idea?

In the Brantley County School District, kids apparently don’t know how to pay their tab properly. ABC News reports that the district’s “school lunch debt” has reached $20,000. One school official said that some students owe just a few dollars but others owe as much as $150. That’s a lot of tater tots.

Now, some of these kids might really be good for it, or be in the process of saving up their allowance to pay off their lunch splurges, but the school just can’t take that risk. According to ABC, “federal law requires that school nutrition programs be self-sufficient and end each fiscal year with balanced budgets.” So Brantley County has decided to hire a debt collection agency to handle the problem.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports that parents have been notified in a letter about the new policy and information is also being posted about it on school lunch menus. Ultimately, parents are responsible for their kids’ tabs, but the school district isn’t just asking for the money that’s owed, they want it with an incredible 40% interest.

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Though the district probably won’t use brass knuckles tactics, they will get their money one way or another. Whatever money is still owed will have to be covered paid for by school district funds supplied by taxpayers. On the bright side, parents could use this whole episode as a great lesson for their kids about spending beyond their means. Either that, or the whole family could go on the lam.

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