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Sarah Palin may have thought her reference to a hometown thrift store would quiet her $150,000 clothing controversy , but it may have started a new one.

Shortly after mentioning her favorite Anchorage-based thrift store, “Out of the Closet,” the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), which operates a set of non-profit thrift stores, called for a press conference in which they raised the issue of trademark infringement by the Anchorage based store, which operates as a for-profit resale clothing store.

Following the press conference, the AHF requested that the Republican National Committee (RNC) donate the clothing purchased for Palin and her family (worth more than $150,000) to their organization.

“It has been stated that the clothes will be given to charity at the end of the campaign,” says Myers. “Since the governor said she shops at ‘Out of the Closet,’ it makes sense that the real ‘Out of the Closet’ should get the clothes.”

If the request is met, he continues, the revenue would be beneficial in further providing care to those with AIDS.

Want to look like Sarah but are not tight with RNC fundraisers? Here's are some places to find great clothes bargains:

Out of the Closet
The “Out of the Closet” thrift store chain has locations in Florida and California in which 100% of the revenue goes towards treating people with AIDS. Revenue funds medical clinics, pharmacy services and prevention testing services. The chain was first opened in 1990, by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the largest AIDS nonprofit in the USA. “We receive upscale clothes, upscale furniture, everything,” says Tom Myers, general council of AIDS Healthcare. “We really don’t turn away donations.”

Out of the Closet! Upscale Resale (Anchorage, AK)
Noted as Palin’s favorite consignment store, “Out of the Close” is located in Anchorage, Alaska. The store accepts items for consideration Monday through Thursday. If items are accepted, the store pays the donator half of the selling price, so long as the item is sold. If not, it is considered a donation. The store's selection includes knit tops for $16 and even a Chloe handbag for $800, the store’s owner, Ellen Arvold has told CBS Early Show anchor Julie Chen. The store is exclusive for women’s purchases and carries sizes 0-16 and brands such as Armani, Catherine Malandrino and Eileen Fisher.
Launched in 2006, Michael Gold and his wife Cookie created a database for an industry that lacked one. In terms of locating thrift stores, “regular directories could be ineffective,” Michael Gold says. “Many thrift stores are privately owned and unlisted; we wanted to create a place where likeminded folks can go to find thrift stores.” Today, the site provides a database of nearly 8,000 listings. Users can locate thrift stores by entering their zip code or the name of their city. Ratings and reviews are also provided. allows users to scroll over a map of the country and select their state to access a list of stores in their state. Not all states, however, provide listings. But for those that do, numerous specifications are met such as resale, thrift and antique shops.

You can find more on how to scope out consignment store bargains here!