Preparing for a terrorist attack means getting your portfolio in order, too.

Today's apparent terrorist attack in London, the second in two weeks, rattled a few nerves. In response to listener email, James Cramer spent his

"RealMoney" radio show cobbling together a portfolio designed to withstand a terror attack.

In the category of surveillance companies, Cramer named


(LLL) - Get Report



(TMO) - Get Report

and the small-cap

Global E-Point

( GEPT).

In the biochemical-biothreat arena, he cited




RAE Systems

( RAE) and

Hollis-Eden Pharmacueticals

( HEPH).

In IT security, he pointed to

RSA Security

( RSAS),

CACI International

(CAI) - Get Report


Internet Security Systems

( ISSX) and


(MANT) - Get Report


And in identity verification, Cramer rattled off


( VISG),


( ACTI),


( IDNX),

Washington Group

( WGII) and

Tetra Technologies

(TTI) - Get Report


Why these companies? They are all integral to our security, said Cramer. So until they come up with an exchange-traded fund based on homeland security stocks, you can use these names to create a basket on your own.

Stump Cramer

The first caller attempted to stump Cramer with


(INTL) - Get Report

. But Cramer recognized it as a company whose stock symbol is sometiems confused with chipmaker


(INTC) - Get Report


That next caller tried to stump Cramer with

Composite Technologies


. Unfortunately, as Cramer pointed out, that company is in bankruptcy.

Cramer may have been tired from his big special last night, because four straight callers then stumped him with

Synagro Technologies

( SYGR),

MTM Technologies



Comstock Homebuilding

(CHCI) - Get Report


Access Integrated Technologies

( AIX).

Cramer's Callers

In a response to a question about

Harmon International


, Cramer said it's a very expensive stock, but he likes it.

On the other hand, Cramer said

Skyworks Solutions

(SWKS) - Get Report

is not expensive at all, plus it has a decent risk-reward ratio. "It's levered to


( MOT), so it should be doing very well," Cramer said.

Cramer called


"the best tech company out there, but maybe not the best stock because it sells at 33 times earnings." He suggested interested investors buy half before earnings and half after.

Cramer said today's big winner,


(EBAY) - Get Report

, should move up to $50 a share from around $42. He said eBay's quarter was reminiscent of the old days. "The stock has lost the cloud over its head," Cramer said.

Finally, Cramer said he's giving


(CMCSA) - Get Report

one more quarter to prove itself before he unloads it. He has lost patience in the stock. "If it had a high dividend yield then I would put up with it, but it doesn't and business may be good but the stock has not shown it," Cramer said.

At the time of publication, Cramer was long Comcast, Intel and Motorola.

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