This morning's bombings in London were horrific, but they shouldn't distract investors from a few core strategies, Jim Cramer said on his

"RealMoney" radio show Thursday

Cramer discussed the best trading responses to this morning's subway bombings in London's public transport system. Early in the show, he put aside the notion that the U.S. market's afternoon rally makes American's "unfeeling" or "uncaring."

"Exogenous events will always play roles in the market," said Cramer. "But after 9/11, the notion of terrorism as an event that can wreck our markets has forever changed."

Traders recognize terrorism is part of life, Cramer said. They need to be able to decide quickly what sectors it will affect. "And if it does not look like a sector will be affected, then we step in and buy."

Today was a good chance for U.S. buyers as European traders beat down shares ahead of the U.S. open. Cramer partly attributed the European response to profit-taking, saying "our markets have not been as robust as the Europeans so they have more profits to take."

Any additional fallout will be positive, in Cramer's opinion, as the British have traditionally been tough on terrorism.

Cramer said he used this morning's weakness to buy the tech and defensive stocks that the Europeans were dumping. In other words, he nibbled at semis and aerospace names.

On the other hand, he moved out of bank stocks when they rallied later in the day.

"I'm astounded that the


did not blink at all when I was on vacation," said Cramer, who has been away for about a week. A lot of bank stocks have been buoyed by their high yields recently, but another two rate hikes means that cash will be more attractive. So he advised swapping out of the banks.

Stump Cramer Day

Cramer returned to the radio waves just in time for one of his favorite segments: "Stump Cramer." In this segment, Cramer's callers test his stock knowledge for tickers he may not be aware of. If he blanks on their ticker, then the caller wins a copy of his book.

The first caller couldn't pull it off, with his choice of

UQM Technologies


. Cramer recognized the company as a maker of electric motors for hybrid cars. Cramer said it was totally speculative and losing money; in other words, not the type of company he likes to buy. He offered

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide


as a better play.

Another caller offered biotech player



. Cramer recognized the company, and reiterated his dislike for its shares.

A few callers did win books to supplement their summer reading, however, by stumping Cramer with recent IPOs.

Among the companies that Cramer missed, but promised not to miss again, were paper manufacturer

Xerium Technologies


and Massachusetts-based

Ben Franklin Bancorp


Cramer also promised to do some homework on Houston oil services company


(ENG) - Get Report

, a $4 stock that Cramer seemed to like at first glance.

Oil services stocks have been a favorite of Cramer's for a long time, although he admitted Thursday that he sold some of his shares of


(HAL) - Get Report

so as not to be piggish.

Cramer also defended himself from a

Boston Herald

reporter that took him to task for pounding the table on


(UNH) - Get Report

. Cramer says he has been positive on UNH for the past five years so he is unapologetic for recommending it, especially in the wake of its purchase of


( PHS), which he views as positive.

Summing up, Cramer said that reacting to the news of this morning's tragic bombing in Europe does not make U.S. traders mercenaries. It's just a new angle to the business in the wake of 9/11.

"Nobody has ever made a dime panicking, but we have made a lot of money keeping cool when others panic," said Cramer.

At the time of publication, Cramer was long Halliburton and UnitedHealth.

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