As the market is rallying this morning, this is the moment where people need to do two things, Jim Cramer said on his

"RealMoney" radio show Tuesday.

First, look into your portfolio, take some off the table and take some gains, Cramer said. Second, don't get caught up in the rally and start buying.

If market players want to do some buying, Cramer recommended waiting until the Consumer Price Index comes out tomorrow. If you want to buy some today, buy half, he said.

"There was a time that a rally in the market was a sustainable event, and I didn't expect a pullback," Cramer said. However, "we have gotten multiple rallies and selloffs since May of 2000, and the pattern is not changing."

Cramer said that there isn't enough money in the market to drive all the stocks, and that there's always something going wrong, so be prepared for when the market goes down.

Given this rally, there are some stocks that can't make it to the party, even though they should have been invited, Cramer said.

Oil has gone down for a couple of days, and as a ripple effect, infrastructure has also gone down because market players falsely believe the two are linked, he said.

But Cramer believes that the infrastructure selloff is "short term and unintelligent."

Although cable is stronger than it's ever been,

Time Warner


is a stock that has not been moving up, he said.

Maybe this is because the company's AOL and magazine business is so awful that it's overshadowing the company -- or maybe the movie business isn't doing well, he said.

Either way, Time Warner has made a lot of mistakes and is now paying for them in a time when the stock should be moving up.

People who own stocks in a company where business is good will be fine, if not today then tomorrow, said Cramer. He believes that infrastructure is good, whereas he's not too sure about Time Warner. It should be going up, but it's not.

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