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"Now we see what this housing sector is made of," said Jim Cramer on his

"RealMoney" radio show Tuesday, as

Toll Brothers

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, which Cramer said is best of breed in the housing sector, cut its sales forecast for 2006.

Some things never change, said Cramer. When interest rates go higher, the housing market suffers, he said. Although this time around the first interest rate hikes didn't matter as much because interest rates were so low, the last three hikes -- along with higher gasoline prices -- have really hurt, said Cramer.

Cramer believes that Toll Brothers' stock could go as low as $28 and that other homebuilders' stocks will suffer as well. Toll Brothers recently traded at $34.88 Tuesday afternoon.

There was a season to own Toll Brothers, said Cramer. Now that season is over.

Danger Zone

Cramer's "Danger Zone" stock Tuesday was

Lamperd Less Lethal


. The company is being touted by an over-the-counter newsletter as the next



, he said.

But, Lamperd Less Lethal is so bad it makes Taser, which has been a "multiple danger zone" stock, look like

Procter & Gamble

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, he said.

I'm "totally, totally repulsed by this," said Cramer.

Sector Spotlight

Cramer is bullish on gold even though gold doesn't historically do well when the

Federal Reserve

is raising interest rates. But, demand for the actual metal for industrial and luxury uses from China and India mean gold will work, he said.

Cramer likes

Anglo American

( AAUK), a worldwide mining company with gold, copper and iron. Anglo American is the largest holder of De Beers, the diamond mining company, he said.

Cramer is not a fan of

Hecla Mining

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, his "least favorite" among gold stocks.

Cramer's Callers

In response to a question about

Pike Electric

( PEC), Cramer said if he had a large profit in the stock, he would probably sell half or two-thirds of the position before its earnings report Thursday and let the rest run. Even though he likes the stock, "no one every got hurt taking a profit," he said.


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is in "digest mode," said Cramer. It's normal to expect a little pullback after the run the stock has had, he said.

Cramer, who has a $450 price target on Google, said the next 50 points won't happen overnight unless it gets added to the

S&P 500

Tuesday evening, which he doesn't believe will happen. Even though Google pulled back a little Tuesday, Cramer believes that Wednesday will provide a better opportunity to buy the stock. Google was recently down 1.18% to $390.37 late Tuesday.

Cramer likes


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as a play on worldwide uranium use for nuclear power but not as a play on nuclear power in the U.S. Cramer said the political and regulatory environment in the U.S. is not conducive to building new nuclear power plants.

Now is a good time to initiate a position in



, Cramer said. He would also look to buy

Whole Foods Market

( WFMI) if the stock sells off after its earnings report Wednesday.

He would not be tempted to buy


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on a possible pullback after its earnings report Wednesday.

Cramer applauds



consideration of a reverse stock split. The reverse split will help make earnings growth more visible, he said.


Capstone Turbine

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, Cramer said a "giant equity offering" killed the story. He is reserving judgment until he can find out more information.

Johnson & Johnson

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is being pulled down buy its planned acquisition of


( GDT), said Cramer. J&J is a great company, though, that one rarely gets the opportunity to buy cheaply, he said. Now is the time.

Finally, Cramer said the trade out of oil and into tech stocks is right. It's OK to have some exposure to oil, but the trade in oil is over. Oil should not be more than 10% of your portfolio, he said.

At the time of publication, Cramer was long Anglo American and Procter & Gamble.

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