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Price matters, James Cramer told listeners on his

"RealMoney" radio show Thursday.

Cramer offered up that bit of wisdom after seeing

Syneron Medical


, a medical laser manufacturer, trade down despite great quarterly numbers. The stock ran up in advance of the good news, which means those folks who bought shares after the rally might be mad at Cramer for recommending it.

But don't be mad, said Cramer, let it go. If you see a stock has run up and you think you missed it, then try to catch it after it sells off when the good news finally arrives. So if you want to get into Syneron, now may be a good time.

The same goes for heavy equipment manufacturer


(TEX) - Get Terex Corporation Report

, which was up but not flying after reporting great numbers Wednesday.

"Now that the market's gotten jiggy again, the most jiggy it has been since 1999, it is vital that we re-examine trading disciplines so we don't fall prey to moron-itis as we did last time," Cramer said. "If you bought Terex at $49, you had a good week this week, you most likely took a little off the table for the trade -- good discipline -- and now are able to buy it back on the profit-taking selloff."

Discipline, Cramer added, is the key. "If you used market orders, not limit orders, and you paid up $3 on top of the $3 it was already up from last week because you heard I liked it, you are cursing me," he said.

Cramer does not want his listeners cursing him. He wants you to pay attention to price.

Cramer's Callers

Cramer said


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TheStreet Recommends

(MRK) - Get Merck & Co., Inc. Report

could be hurt by the Vioxx trials because a lot of the evidence looks damaging. The best that could happen is that the stock drifts with a cloud hanging over it. The worst outcome in Cramer's opinion would be the company cutting the dividend and the stock sliding. Cramer says its risk reward is "10 points down and 2 up," which is why he wants you out.

Another caller asked about

Independence Community Bank

( ICBC). Cramer advised him to look into

Commerce Bancorp

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until he is absolutely sure the


is done tightening.

A caller wanted to know the potential catalysts to send


( DNA) higher. Cramer said focus on the cancer drug Avastin. He also said the company will end up being the same as investing in Merck a generation ago.

Cramer said the strength in wine and spirits may boost

Constellation Brands

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. People are worried about beer, but Corona is doing fairly well.

Pinnacle Entertainment

(PNK) - Get Pinnacle Entertainment Inc Report

is one of the only gambling stocks that is currently working. Cramer said he would not ring the register there.

Elsewhere in gaming, Cramer said he was not giving up on


( HET) after their disappointing numbers today. They are best in breed in Cramer's book.

Stump Cramer

Cramer was hot today on the Stump Cramer section.

Cramer conquered callers offering the likes of

American Physicians

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Smith Micro

(SMSI) - Get Smith Micro Software, Inc. Report



(CUB) - Get Cubic Corporation Report


Marten Transport

(MRTN) - Get Marten Transport, Ltd. Report



(FLWS) - Get 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. Class A Report


The only caller to win a book off Cramer did it with

Dawson Geophysical

(DWSN) - Get Dawson Geophysical Company Report


At the time of publication, Cramer was long Commerce Bank.

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