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Reports of the death of tech are completely overblown, said Jim Cramer Wednesday on his "RealMoney" radio show.

Cramer said he has been combing through transcripts of tech earnings calls, and he sees strong demand for enterprise systems, Internet, cell phones, video games, big-screen TVs and


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In enterprise technology,


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is doing fine -- not spectacular, but well enough that its stock can go up at least $2, said Cramer.



is doing even better, he said.

The Internet is very strong, as evidenced by



picture-perfect quarter. Yahoo! is seeing strong growth in advertising and page views. The Internet group knows no seasonality, said Cramer, and it's why newspaper stocks go down every day.

Headlines declaring that


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is seeing disappointing demand are untrue, said Cramer, although it is true

Advanced Micro Devices

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is taking some market share from Intel. Laptop computers sales are doing pretty well, but not great, he said.

Cell-phone demand as measured by


( MOT) is strong. The "cell phone market is hotter than I've every seen it," said Cramer.

The video-game business is booming. Cramer believes there will be Harry Potter-like hoopla for


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new Xbox.

There is no weakness in big-screen TVs even though there should be.


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Texas Instruments

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are probably OK here, he said.

Apple is strong due to demand for its iPod line. Try to find "anything iPod anywhere," said Cramer.

contributor and Internet Review

author James Altucher joined Cramer by telephone to discuss Internet stocks. Altucher said all aspects of commerce are moving to the Internet bit by bit. Internet purchases currently make up only 2% to 3% of transactions, but he believes that number will eventually get to 50%.

Internet advertising is also growing very fast. Currently, 8% of advertising dollars are spent online. But Altucher said online advertising is a dream come true for advertisers because it allows them to track the effectiveness of their ads and pay for performance. Cramer expects online advertising to double in the next three years.

Altucher is bullish on


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, calling it a great growth play at value prices. The company is experiencing 30% annualized growth in its security business, 25% annualized growth in its domain name business (the company owns the .com and .net domains), and he expects growth in VeriSign's mobile content until to take off in 2006.

Altucher said VeriSign has $1.4 billion in cash, which it has been using to buy back stock and make acquisitions. In the last two months, the company bought back $250 million in stock, he said, and it is focused on buying small companies that aggregate content for its mobile Internet business, which Altucher expects to start surprising people in the next year.

Cramer said Altucher is right. With VeriSign reporting earnings Wednesday evening, Cramer said he would take a position ahead of the earnings report and buy more if the stock goes lower Thursday.

Any dip in VeriSign is a buying opportunity, said Altucher.

Am I Diversified?

In Cramer's weekly "Am I Diversified?" segment, Cramer said these things about stocks in caller's portfolios.

General Electric

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: The stock isn't expensive. Cramer believes it will trade to $35. GE traded at $34.23 late Wednesday.

Exxon Mobil

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: Goldman Sachs botched the sale of a 25 million-share block of XOM on Tuesday. That said, Cramer doesn't see how one could get hurt buying XOM at these prices.


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: Cramer would buy the stock.


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: Cramer is feeling pretty good about Google's prospects given Yahoo!'s good quarter.


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: Business is

en fuego

and the company is going to split itself up.

IBM: The stock is "done going down."

Metso Oyj

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: Cramer believes MX is going to do pretty well.

Fresh Del Monte Produce

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: Cramer prefers


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as a food play.

Energy Partners


: "I wish I owned that stock here," said Cramer.

First Marblehead


: Its recent $22 stock price was nuts. FMD traded at $24.54 late Wednesday.


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: "You know I like the 'Net," said Cramer.


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: Cramer prefers


( WYE)and


( SGP).

Occidental Petroleum

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: Cramer has never seen a stock taken to the woodshed like OXY, he said. Everybody hates it, which fits the definition of why Cramer likes it.


( LU): Cramer continues to like Lucent because he believes the market doesn't appreciate how well Lucent's wireless business is doing. The stock is cheap, has a strong cash position and is buying back debt. Cramer believes the balance sheet will look fabulous when the company reports earnings next Wednesday. "I sure do believe in Lucent," he said.

Commenting on listener's 401(k) holdings, Cramer said he likes the

Vanguard 500 Index

, but he likes the

Vanguard Total Stock Market Index

because it's more diversified. The

Vanguard Wellington

is a solid fund whose manager, at the fund since 1978, "rocks," said Cramer.

At the time of publication, Cramer was long Halliburton, Intel, Lucent, Motorola, Microsoft, Occidental Petroleum and Yahoo!

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