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'RealMoney' Radio Recap: Tech Check

A big fourth-quarter tech rally awaits, Jim Cramer tells listeners.

The fourth-quarter tech rally is ready to roll, James Cramer said Friday on his

"RealMoney" radio show.



is seeing huge demand for its Xbox 360, having already sold out of its planned Nov. 22 launch, said Cramer.



raised estimates Thursday night. Foundries such as

Taiwan Semiconductor


are seeing "big upticks" in orders, said Cramer.

National Semiconductor


boosted its dividend and

Texas Instruments


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"can't meet demand," Cramer said. Ditto for



on many of its cell phones, according to Cramer.

Cramer pointed out

Apple Computer


was downgraded at $50 earlier this week, but the stock was fetching $53.17 Friday afternoon.

Not every area of tech is rallying, though, said Cramer. There are problems in disk drives, since Apple decided to use flash memory in its iPods instead of small disk drives, he said. But flash makers such as



are doing great, according to Cramer.

Cramer said



problems seem to be Cisco-specific.



, although it has been a laggard, trades at just 16 times earnings, so Cramer refuses to give up on it.

"The most important factor out there in favor of technology is the skepticism." said Cramer. "That skepticism is misplaced."

Don't miss out on the fourth-quarter tech rally just because there are pockets that aren't doing as well, Cramer advised. The fourth quarter starts next week. "I need you to have at least one tech in your stock portfolio," he said. contributor and Stocks Under $10 co-author David Peltier joined Cramer to discuss low-priced stocks. Peltier had these things to say about the stocks mentioned.

Metretek Technologies


: The company warned last night, and there is "downside risk should natural gas prices retreat." At least wait for a pullback before buying.

ARM Holdings


: Expensive, but very profitable. Still, Peltier would prefer

MEMC Electronic Materials



T-3 Energy Services


: Peltier would "ring the register."

Gencor Industries


: Peltier said this is a stock he would avoid. The company is being hurt by input costs and isn't able to pass on those costs to customers.



: "Looks very legit," said Peltier. The company had a "hiccup" in the second quarter, but has since received orders which seem to demonstrate the company is back on track. Peltier could see the stock going to $5 or $6 in the "next couple months" from a recent $4, and could eventually grow into being a takeover candidate.

Cramer wrapped up the segment cautioning "most stocks under $10 are there for a reason." The reason, he said, is they're not doing well. "Be very, very careful with stocks under $10," he said.

Speaking on oil and gas stocks, Cramer said he would be a buyer Tuesday after the stocks have had a chance to "cool off" from end-of-quarter markups.

In response to a question on



, Cramer said he would "be a buyer right here."

Cramer liked

FPL Group


as a regulated utility play.

Finally, Cramer said he believes



is "breaking out here."

Lightning Round

Cramer was bullish on

Duke Energy



XTO Energy



Onyx Pharmaceuticals









Capstone Turbine



L-3 Communication



UnitedHealth Group



Peabody Energy



Fording Canadian Coal Trust



Alliance Resource Partners



Cramer was bearish on




At the time of publication, Cramer was long Fording Canadian Coal Trust, Intel, Lucent, Motorola, Microsoft, Qualcomm and UnitedHealth Group.

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