RealMoney Radio Recap: Sears in the House

Cramer says that home-related stocks are the way to play a housing comeback. Also, Google gains.
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"The stock market predicts things six months in advance, and analysts don't get that," said Jim Cramer on his

"RealMoney" radio show Tuesday. This includes homebuilding.

When stocks go down but fundamentals are good, analysts reiterate their buy ratings. But after a while, they often give up and go negative, Cramer said.

Eventually there are no sellers left and no analysts to cheerlead -- like in real estate, he added.

In homebuilding, Cramer recommends

Toll Brothers

(TOL) - Get Report



(LEN) - Get Report


KB Homes

(KBH) - Get Report

, which trades at an "incredible" five times earnings.

"Lennar is for me," Cramer said.

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Cramer also said he likes companies that are related to housing, such as

American Standard


, the maker of toilets and air conditioners,

Black & Decker


, a maker of home appliances, and cabinet company

Fortune Brands



Cramer also likes industrial and construction-equipment company

Ingersoll Rand

(IR) - Get Report

, which he owns for his charitable trust,

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But the best play among home-related stocks is

Sears Holdings


, trading at a 52-week high of about $169 today, Cramer said. "What you need is a so-so housing play that does well when people want to fix up their homes."

Cramer also holds Sears for his charitable trust and expects shares to go up to $200.

Good for Google

Cramer wishes he could write off


(GOOG) - Get Report

purchase of


as a "nut-job situation," he said.

But "Google is immensely profitable ... beyond-belief profitable."

There's really only one dot-com, and that's Google, Cramer said, adding that any big news regarding "stinky" stock



, which is currently owned by Cramer's charitable trust, and


(EBAY) - Get Report



(AMZN) - Get Report

happened far too long ago.

"Those companies should have bought YouTube when they had the chance," Cramer said. The Internet giant will "take YouTube and put it through the Google machine," linking search engines and multiplying page views, Cramer said.

And Google's "going to be a powerful stock," possibly hitting $500 by year end. Cramer believes that the stock will be down $6 to $8 Tuesday, but "that's your chance to buy," he says.

I got behind the

New York Stock Exchange


not long after it came public, said Cramer.

Although Cramer says he was initially worried about its expense structure and thought it couldn't be automated the way the


is, he's no longer worried and expects the stock to go up to $100 within the next six months. Now it's trading at around $77, he said.

Cramer's Callers

"I like the market, with the exception of oil," said Cramer. "I want to take the oil money and put elsewhere," like in tech, financials and retail, he said.

As for brokers


(AMTD) - Get Report



(ET) - Get Report



(SCHW) - Get Report

-- "I want to buy all three," Cramer told a caller.

Cramer added that he sold Ameritrade from his charitable trust

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"This is not a show about politics, it's a show about trying to get you rich," Cramer reminded listeners.

"We're not talking about gun control or the right to bear arms, we're talking about making money," he said after another caller asked whether he should be worried about gun manufacturer

Smith & Wesson


in light of Democrats' antigun stance.

"Smith & Wesson is great stock," Cramer said, but since the share price has gone up so much recently, he says he wants to be careful.

"I would take off half and let the rest run," he said. "You're playing with the house's money."

"I like

US Air


, but I'm not going to recommend it," Cramer told another caller.

"But for people who really feel they can roll the dice," he recommends




Cramer also recommended


(CAL) - Get Report

, adding that airlines work now because oil is going down.

At the time of publication, Cramer was long Yahoo!, Ingersoll Rand and Sears Holdings.

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