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ITT Industries


is the "last viable post-Katrina recovery play," James Cramer said on his

"RealMoney" radio show Monday.

The average municipal water treatment plant in the U.S. is more than 30 years old, said Cramer. Water safety problems exposed by Hurricane Katrina will compel municipalities to upgrade their water infrastructure, he said, adding that he believes ITT Industries is the best way to play the theme.

The company makes pumps, tubes, valves and treatment systems, and although the stock is not cheap -- it's trading near its 52-week high -- it is "too good to miss," said Cramer. The company is the "best positioned" water treatment company, with two to three times the market share of its nearest competitor, Cramer said. "They'll get the contracts," he said.

Baseball great and

contributor Len Dykstra joined Cramer by telephone to discuss his favorite stock picks. Dykstra highlighted

Benchmark Electronics



Plum Creek Timber



Mine Safety Appliances

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. Cramer said he is not a fan of VeriSign, but Plum Creek Timber is an "eye opener," Cramer said.

A caller asked about



. Cramer said he would take some profits and let the rest run. He would wait for a pullback to $19 before buying. Corning traded at $21.13 Monday afternoon.

Another caller asked about

New York Community Bancorp

( NYB). Cramer said the yield curve is problematic for banks right now, and he believes NYB could fall to $15 to $16. NYB traded at $17.32 late Monday.

In response to a question about

Montpelier Re


, a stock that Cramer has been bullish on and that was down more than 16% Monday, Cramer said he has looked into the situation and can find "no reason it should be down $5." He is sticking with his recommendation and thinks the stock "should be bought and bought aggressively." MRH traded at $26.09 Monday afternoon.

Another caller asked about

Seagate Technology


. Cramer said Seagate was suffering because it lost a key part of its business with

Apple Computer


. However, Cramer said he believes the stock has become "too cheap." If you buy the stock with a long-term view, you will do well, he said.

Another caller asked for a good price to buy


( MOT). Cramer said he would wait for a pullback to $21 to $22. It traded Monday at $22.91.

Cramer said he "would look at

Powerwave Technologies


," and would "be buying



down $3." Valero traded at $111.65 Monday.

Finally, Cramer said he is a "huge fan" of



and would not sell the stock even though it was up nearly 10% Monday on word of positive clinical trial data. Celgene traded at $55.26 Monday.

At the time of publication, Cramer was long Motorola.

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