Investors are going to be "shocked about how good this Christmas season is," Jim Cramer told his "RealMoney" radio show listeners on Friday.

Several semiconductor companies gave updates or reported earnings this week, and from them we know the electronic gadget business is "smoking," said Cramer. But so too are the retailers, including apparel merchants, although nobody is talking about it, he added. The recent bout of cold weather across the country is giving a boost to sales of high-margin cold-weather gear, said Cramer, and the timing couldn't be better.

Cramer believes this is part of the reason the market is not rolling over. More and more people are coming to his view and are building positions.

Cramer's shopping list for retail includes





(GME) - Get Report



(TGT) - Get Report



(WMT) - Get Report



(COST) - Get Report


Best Buy

(BBY) - Get Report



(LOW) - Get Report


Home Depot

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Cramer said he is "betting against the house" with his call, as the market is "overrun" with bears who believe there is "nothing cooking in retail." That's "so wrong," he said. Cramer said he has sources "at all these places" that he hears from daily, and he hasn't heard a single negative word this week.

Cramer believes retailers will begin talking about the strength of holiday sales as early as next week, so time is limited to make a move. The "time is now," he said.

Cramer, Unstumped

Stocks Under $10 co-author Will Gabrielski joined Cramer to talk about stocks that had stumped Cramer on Thursday's show.

Gabrielski said he sees "nothing too exciting" about

Delphax Technologies


. The company is cheap on valuation, he said, but it has little in the way of revenue growth. He would pass on the stock.

Gabrielski said that both a new CFO at

Imperial Industries


, a so-called hurricane recovery play, and insider selling raise red flags for him. To play the hurricane recovery, he would recommend

Fleetwood Enterprises

( FLE), which just reported a good quarter, he said.

Gabrielski wants to do more homework on

BSD Medical

(BSM) - Get Report

. Financially, the company seems secure, but he wants to find out more details about the effectiveness of the company's products, which use heat to help chemotherapy and radiation treatments to work better, he said.


Cadence Resources


, Gabrielski said the company has a potentially valuable gas property in Kentucky. But right now, it has little in the way of revenue and is likely to do a stock offering. He would wait until at least after the secondary before taking a look at the stock. Cramer said "that doesn't sound very good... stay away from that one."

Finally, Gabrielski said a stock recently profiled in the

Stocks Under $10

newsletter is



, which has "done a great job" restructuring its business. The company is on track to be cash-flow positive in 2006, he said, and he believes it will be able to positively surprise investors next year as most of its energy production comes from coal, not natural gas, he said.

Cramer's Callers

In response to a question about

(CRM) - Get Report

, Cramer said the stock is "liked but not loved" on Wall Street. It's also not cheap, but it has "incredible growth" at 45% a year, he said. Cramer believes Salesforce is "taking it to


(ORCL) - Get Report



(MSFT) - Get Report


Commenting on news that George Soros had taken a position in


( LU), Cramer said "I don't think much of Soros' stock picking." Furthermore, the amount of shares purchased is not significant for Soros, he said.

Cramer said he is "not seeing anything short or long term" that makes him feel very good about Lucent. He feels trapped in the stock and hopes it will go up so that he can sell some.


United States Steel

(X) - Get Report

, Cramer said he would never bet against a stock trading at five times earnings, but he is not a fan of steel stocks. If he had to own one, he would own


(NUE) - Get Report

even though it trades at 8 times earnings. Nucor is a "best of breed," he said.

Commenting on a downgrade of

Goldman Sachs

(GS) - Get Report

Thursday by Sandler O'Neill, Cramer said it was a "really bad call," and he would double down on the stock.

Lightning Round


Cramer was bullish on


(SLB) - Get Report



(HAL) - Get Report


Banco Bradesco

(BBD) - Get Report


Biogen Idec

(BIIB) - Get Report



( NTMD),


(WMT) - Get Report


Pitney Bowes

(PBI) - Get Report


Whole Foods Market

( WFMI) and

Sirius Satellite Radio

(SIRI) - Get Report



Cramer was bearish on

Exxon Mobile

(XOM) - Get Report






( ADBL),




Family Dollar Stores



Dollar General

(DG) - Get Report


At the time of publication, Cramer was long GameStop, Halliburton, Lucent, Microsoft and Sears Holdings.

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