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It's time to start thinking about what we really want to see in a stock, Jim Cramer told listeners of his

"RealMoney" radio show Friday.

"We saw unbelievable numbers from



, but it wasn't enough," Cramer said, adding that the stock fell.


Exxon Mobil


had incredible numbers, but the stock fell after a brief run higher, he said.

And Thursday



reported numbers that were considered to be very positive, but that stock is not moving, Cramer said.

That's because media reports have concentrated on the fact that the company's cash flow was magnificent, but Wall Street doesn't care about cash flow, Cramer said. What Wall Street cares about is how much and how fast a company will grow.

"All we care about is growth. We don't care about what business the company is in ... we don't care about buybacks," he said.

Cramer said that he likes

Commerce Bancorp


because he believes the company has a growth template.

Cramer welcomed Commerce Bank's CEO Vernon Hill to the show to discuss his company's growth plan, also pointing out that the company has seen 28% growth over a 10-year period.

Hill said that his bank is pretty much the only one that follows a retail model, meaning that it values its customers and uses comparable same-store growth numbers to judge its performance.

And, like a retail giant, the bank has developed a model that it can reproduce everywhere.

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"The market pays for predictable high growth," said Hill. That's why Commerce looks at comparable growth figures, so that everyone can see how much it's growing.

Hill said that the bank's branches saw comparable growth of 19% last year. This tells you what's really happening, he said. It shows whether a branch is getting new accounts, delivering its products well and keeping customers happy.

And even though Cramer pointed out that other banks are moving toward this model, Hill said that it will be very hard for them to integrate the retail approach.

"It's easier to build a brand than fix a brand," he said. It will be very difficult for a bank as large as


, or any big player, to completely redesign the model.

Michael Comeau joined Cramer and Hill to talk about growth stories and the stocks that stumped Cramer on Thursday.

When listeners stump Cramer with stocks he doesn't know, he can't give them a thumbs up or down until they are thoroughly vetted by's

Stocks Under $10 writers, Will Gabrielski and Michael Comeau.

Comeau and Gabrielski also write the site's

Breakout Stocks

newletter, which looks at smaller companies that could grow quickly.

Comeau said that the stocks offered by callers on

Thursday's show during the "Stump Cramer" segment were all "horrible."

He said that


( BRLC), a company involved in high-definition LCD televisions, is going to have to raise a lot of money soon because it is running out of cash.

And like all biotech companies, Comeau said that

AVI Biopharma

( AVII) sounds good. But he said the story isn't that great.

Comeau said that the chances that its drugs will get FDA approval are not all that great and added that he would "rather buy a lottery ticket than this stock."

Comeau said that in terms of growth, he likes

Rackable Systems


, a stock that jumped about 19% in after-hours trading on Thursday's very good earnings report.

A lot of momentum money will be flowing in, Comeau said, but when it comes back down below $35, he would think about buying.

The company makes server computers like



, but it focuses on energy efficiency, Comeau said.

He also likes

Rightnow Technologies

( RNOW), which supplies customer relations software solutions. Comeau said the company reminds him of



And even though he thinks Salesforce is a good company, he said it might be time to take some off the table because it has run so high.

Commerce Bancorp's Hill reminded listeners that when looking for a company that is going to grow, they should look for companies that understand that customers want more than just the lowest price. They want quality, too, he said.

People will pay $5 for a cup of coffee at



rather than $1 for a coffee from the corner store. And that speaks to the fact that Starbucks is giving customers something extra, he said.

Lightning Round

Cramer was bullish on

GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes






Cramer was bearish on

Mesa Air Group



JetBlue Airways



Bank of New York



At the time of publication, Cramer was long Commerce Bancorp.

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