If you were worried about PCs after


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should pick up your spirits, Jim Cramer said on his

"RealMoney" radio show Thursday.

One of the catalysts for the Nasdaq's up performance today was the great quarter from Hewlett-Packard, he said. Its quarter showed that the problems with PCs are with Dell, not computers in general, Cramer said.

"Hewlett-Packard beat their own forecast and analysts' expectations, plus they offered a rosy outlook," he said.

But instead of enjoying the party, the media immediately focused on whether H-P would be able to sustain this kind of growth in a classic way to keep you out of a great stock, Cramer said.

The media can't stop making people feel wary about a win, he said. Although it is possible that "things may go south for Hewlett-Packard," Cramer said he's betting it will keep doing well.

Meanwhile, "Dell is imploding," he said. "Let's forget about it and buy some Hewlett-Packard."

Another sector that's taken a beating from the media is housing.

"Every media outlet says housing is finished," Cramer said. "Naturally you would think that anything related to it will get hit as well, but not anymore as the


stops raising rates."


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is "rallying a bit,"

American Standard


is starting to go up, and even

Black & Decker


is doing well, he said.

What Cramer sees happening is that if the Fed quits raising rates and housing picks up, people will start to fix up their houses using products from these companies, he said.

When people can't sell their houses, they fix them up, he said. Cramer doesn't believe these companies are going to go any lower; instead, they're ready to go up, which is why he recommends people make small purchases in them.

ATP Steps On the Gas

The thinking is always the same that if a stock goes down, something must be wrong with the company.

Cramer wants people to change their thinking.

ATP Oil & Gas


is one of the many midsized oil and gas companies that people don't tend to hear about until the firms get bought out, Cramer said.

Last night on Cramer's "Mad Money" TV show, when Cramer asked CFO Albert Reese how business is, Reese said it was good and getting better as ATP continues to drill for more oil than anybody had predicted.

Even though the stock's sold off, Reese said ATP's top shareholders are buying stock and increasing their positions, Cramer said -- they wouldn't be doing that if there was something wrong.

ATP will go up when energy goes up or if it gets takeover bid, Cramer said, adding that it was gift to his listeners and that people should buy it.

Cramer on Demand

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, he said.

Merck, which just lost a big verdict in the Vioxx case, is down, but Cramer said he believes it's a good buy.

"I believe it's going to be one of those stocks that is going to contest every one of these verdicts," he said.

Merck is trying to show that drug companies are not the bad guys and are here to save people, not hurt them, Cramer said adding that the company is also winning because it has a new CEO, Richard Clark.

"I'd be a buyer," Cramer said.

Readers of the World, Call in

General Motors

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is back to where it was a couple of years ago -- when management wasn't clueless, Cramer told a caller during the question-and-answer session of his

show Thursday.

Kirk Kerkorian has been working behind the scenes so that people will make money off General Motors, Cramer said. "This stock is not finished," he said. "It is doing everything right."

Respondering to another caller, Cramer said


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is done going down and is probably the best-growing tech company he knows. Garmin is cheap and it is time to buy it, he said.

Another caller asked whether it would be wise to sell

Whole Foods


into strength. Cramer said it would be wise to sell.

It's time for people who held on to it and did not panic to take some profits here and move on, he said.

Asked about


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, Cramer said he doesn't believe it will have a dividend cut, adding that he believes the company will sell itself before that happens.

In addition, he said he believes a lot of good things can happen, and that is why he said he's holding on and buying it for his charitable trust,

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"I'm a seasoned pain taker and try to take a six- to 18-month view," he said. "And mine is positive for Bristol-Myers."

When a caller asked about


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, Cramer said it and


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are going to be big beneficiaries of this rally and beat their numbers.

"Of brokerage stocks you've got the best one in E*Trade," Cramer said..

He told another caller that

St. Jude's


is a stock that will go to $40.

The stock is doing well and "it's a big mistake to hate it," he said.

"Not only should you hold on to


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, but you should buy it," Cramer told a listener.

Oil has come down but the U.S. has not found more oil nor has it started drilling more, so it's time to buy some oil drillers.

At the time of publication, Cramer was long Bristol-Myers.

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