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RealMoney Radio Mailbag: The Starbucks Don't Stop Here

It may be prudent to take some profit from the java chain's big run, but Starbucks is still a long-term play, says Cramer.

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Should Starbucks (SBUX) be sold after its big run?-- Paul from Chicago

Jim Cramer:

There is nothing wrong with taking profits in Starbucks after the monster run it has had since last summer, but I believe Starbucks is a great long-term holding. The company will be doing a lot of business in China over the next few years, and it has a lot of room to expand its menu.

Do you recommend any highly aggressive mutual funds for investors with long-term time horizons?-- Jonathan from Miami

Jim Cramer:

Two funds aggressive investors can look at are

Smith Barney Aggressive Growth

(SHRAX) and

Calamos Growth

(CVGRX). Both of these funds have upfront loads, but the long-term returns on both are excellent.

In addition, both funds are run by superb money managers, Ritchie Freeman in the case of Smith Barney Aggressive Growth, and the Calamos family with Calamos Growth.

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