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RealMoney Radio Mailbag: Short Story on Long Positions

A listener learns what Cramer means when he is 'long' a stock.

Editor's note: The following are questions received from listeners of "RealMoney Radio." To send Cramer a question about topics from his radio show, click here. Listen to Cramer's latest radio show by clicking here.

What do you mean when you say you're "long" a stock?-- Brian from Canada

James J. Cramer:

Saying you are long a stock just means that you own it. So when I say I'm long



, it just means I own it for my

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Jim, what is your favorite business newspaper?-- Michelle from New York

James J. Cramer:

I read a ton of newspapers every day, but my favorite is

Investors Business Daily

, because I like that it focuses on finding new stocks and making people money.

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