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RealMoney Radio Mailbag: Sector Funds Not for Retirement Money

A listener gets Cramer's take on the appropriateness of sector funds in a retirement portfolio.

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What do you think of the (FSENX) - Get Fidelity Select Energy Portfolio Report Fidelity Select Energy fund for retirement portfolios? -- Bill from New Hampshire

James J. Cramer:

I don't think sector funds like Fidelity Select Energy belong in retirement portfolios. I believe retirement portfolios should be as diverse as possible, and sector funds tend to push things a bit out of whack.

Jim, do you like Sony (SNE) - Get SONY GROUP CORPORATION SPONSORED ADR Report?-- Sal from Long Island, N.Y.

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James J. Cramer:

I don't like Sony at all. The company faces way too much competition in electronics, and it hasn't come up with anything really cool lately. Also, the movie and music businesses are quite troublesome, and when I think about it, all I like about Sony is its video game business. That's just not enough to get me to say 'buy.'

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